A New Year does not change who you are

As we approach 2021 there seems to be an alarming resolve that next year is going to be magically better than its predecessor 2020. Now 2020 was an exception for many of us, a year of unexpected, unimaginable events that brought fear, isolation and sadness to our community. But unfortunately we must be realistic in what we believe is going to change in the next 3 days when we welcome in the new year. Moving away from just Covid now we need to acknowledge that any change takes time.

One of the most common New Years resolutions is weight-loss. People jump on the bandwagon of diet and exercise programs, gym memberships and protein shakes in the hope that they will see a physical change in their body. If they stick to it long enough they just may reach their physical goal but what hasn’t changed is themselves. They are still the same person they were before, and although they may now have healthier lifestyles, and more self control its more than likely that the weightless has not brought them the happiness that they desired it would.

We must unmask the myth that a new year will improve how we feel about ourselves and improve our feelings of self worth. These things are not determined by a calendar date and although it can be healthy to reflect on self and set goals for improvement, it can be just as healthy to acknowledge that we, as we are, are enough.

After the challenges of the year just gone, maybe this year we can resolve to just be. To give ourselves the gifts of not changing anything, and just loving ourselves as we are. To not add unnecessary pressure to our already hectic plates. To not post on social media goals that we may not be able to keep. Maybe even to reduce our life load a little and remove an activity or event that is not bringing us joy.

Maybe as mums we can look at ways to outsource the help we need every once in while be it a cleaner, pre-cooked meals or an ironing service. Maybe we book the kids into daycare one extra morning a week so that we can go for that coffee, or massage. Or maybe its a babysitter in the evening so we can enjoy a movie and dinner with our partners child free. Whatever it is let us recognise that these things can be done at any time and we need not weight until January 1st every year to bring them to fruition.

Wishing you all a very happy 2021

Mumma Z xxx


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