The Kitchen Dilemma

There are many things I love about being a mum. The laughter, the pure joy my sons having playing games and discovering new things and those super snuggly cuddles when they first wake up from their naps. But I have to tell you, I was never made aware how much time I would spend trying to keep my kitchen clean. Long and behold my kitchen dilemma. My kitchen is like an all-consuming never-ending dirt accumulating monster. I don’t remember the last time I entered the kitchen to see it clean without a dish in the sink or a dishwasher that didn’t need to be emptied. See our household is a strict dishwasher using society. Our routine goes something like this:

The Kitchen Dilemma
  • We load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes
  • Turn dishwasher on
  • Dirty dishes pile up in sink whilst dishwasher is on
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Load with dirty dishes from sink
  • Turn dishwasher on
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Load with dirty dishes from sink 

On repeat all bloody day! 

It is a ridiculous roller-coaster of loading and unloading that I never remember signing up for and that’s just the dishwasher. Don’t get me started on everything else that grubby in my kitchen!

At least three times a day I can been seen washing the benches down, curled over the dishwasher or on my hands and knees picking stuff up from the floor. No need to ask where mummy is, she’s in the kitchen because in between the cleaning or she’s creating the mess in the kitchen by making the many meals and snacks my family needs. I have not secret solution to it; I haven’t worked out some fandangle routine to keep in spotless and I’m not going to make any promises that it’s going to improve. So instead please enjoy this silly poem I wrote and send me a comment if you know the fix to my kitchen cleaning dilemma.

Oh kitchen you marvellous room

You allow our MasterChef ambitions to bloom

My only gripe with you, you see 

Is that no matter how hard I try you fail to be clean?

I wipe, I sweep, I rinse, I dry

And yet the mess continues to be in oversupply.

Almost every day I wish and hope 

That I’ll wake up in the morning without you requiring soap

But for now, I’ll persist with the endless decree

Of mopping and spraying as your loyal trustee

Mumma Z xxx


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